Why The World Would End Without France


If you are already a big advocate of French culture, then you won’t need much explanation of why the world would be a far poorer place without its impact. However, for anyone who isn’t aware of just how engrained the country’s cuisine and culture is on the whole planet, we have put together this guide to why the world would effectively end without its influence.

One article isn’t really sufficient to explain just how profound an effect France has had on the world over the years, however there are some fascinating aspects to one of the world’s most distinguished nations, which just may spur you on to visit sooner rather than later. It is fair to say that the two terms, France and culture are entwined and almost synonymous. From Napoleon’s exploits of the 17th and 18th centuries right up to the current age of cinema and sophistication, the country many believe to be the epicentre of Europe has always led the way with regard to liberalism and cutting edge chic. This is thought by many to be the reason that terrorist organisations have targeted cities such as Paris, due to the fact that these cities stand for all that is western, cultural and bohemian. Although this leaves the country susceptible to such acts of terrorism, France has remained unwavering in its commitment to these values. Indeed, this is a nation that has continually produced pioneering philosophers, musicians, writers, sportspeople and even skateboarders who have set standards for future generations to aspire to.

Roussillon Village

French Arts, Culture & Cuisine

Of course, French cuisine is at the heart of this proud nations heritage and history and has shaped people perceptions of the country for centuries, but one would be foolish to think that this is all that defines the French. Indeed, it was the French who brought us such movements as enlightenment, street art and photography, new wave cinema, existentialism and perhaps the most pioneering theatre scene one can find anywhere. Already, you can see what the world would be left with should France and its contributions to the world be disregarded. Much like Italian and Spanish, although regarded by critics across the globe as far superior in terms of craft and technique, French cuisine is influenced by the vast array of poultry, cattle and fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs available from its rural areas. France has huge areas of easily farmable countryside, from which the ingredients of some of the worlds best loved dishes are sourced. The climate is also perfect for growing these crops due to the mix of summer sun and winter rain. French onion soup, beef bourguignon, coq au vin and fillet mignons are all enjoyed around the globe every day and are just some of the classics, French restaurants still lead the way today the chefs who champion these are still the most pioneering cooks and dish architects that can be found anywhere in the world.

france town

The French Economy

Aside from all of France’s contribution to the arts and culture, it is also important to remember that it is a major contributor to global economics. Despite its inferior size, the nation is superior to such behemoth countries as Brazil, Russia and Canada in terms of its GDP. The French economy stood in an impressive 6th place in 2016’s official projected GDP rankings, just ahead of India and Italy. This is despite suffering similarly to most European countries because of the 2008 recession. A stagnant period between 2012 and 2014 has been followed by two years of progression and France continues to improve and make a substantial contribution to global trade, further underlining why many believe the world as we know it would struggle severely without France and its financial input. Perhaps the most important sector in France, is its chemical industry which allows other sub-sectors within manufacturing to thrive and grow. In addition to this, the French tourist trade is ever booming as the result of the fact that the country remains the most visited country on the globe. The stability this provides to the French economy cannot be underestimated and is much of the reason for France remaining in the upper echelons of the global economy.

With everything said and done, one cannot fail to see that between the arts, food, economics, exploration, beautiful countryside and some of the most cosmopolitan cities anywhere on the planet, we really would be struggling without the French and their contribution. This said, the only way to be convinced for sure is to visit France for yourself and sample some of the delights we have described in this article.