Why You Should Visit The US Now There Is A New President

usa flag

You would have had to have been in very deep sleep indeed for the last 12 months to have missed the furore that has surrounded President Trump’s election and most recently, his inauguration as the new leader of the free world. Whether you are happy about the sensational developments of late, or like many you are a tad concerned about his planned foreign and domestic policies, one simply cannot deny that these are intriguing times we live in and probably ones we will look back on for decades to come.

Here at Avenue Property, we do not like to show any political bias either way, but we do however think that there may never have been a better time to visit the United States now there is a new President and the country has been plunged into such a fascinating period. It could well be prudent to see how the next few years unravel for oneself.

Presidential Debate

The presidential debate seemed to rumble on for a long time and now this has been concluded, only time will tell just what impact this is going to have on American culture. On one hand, the left-wing section of society are understandably concerned at moves such as the building of a wall with Mexico, and President Trump’s demands for their southern neighbours to pay for it and of course the ban on a large number of Muslim nationals from entering the USA. On the other hand, we have the more conservative demographic, those who are more likely to have voted for Trump and his party in the first place, who believe these fundamental changes were needed in order to boost the nation’s economy and stem what they see an uncontrollable immigration.

Exploring the USA

Political bias aside, it is important to remember that whilst Washington D.C. is the proud capital of the United States, there is such a vast country to explore other than the north west. Admittedly, every state will have been impacted by the presidential debate and the policies that President Trump is now looking to implement, but when it comes to the exploration of the some of the natural wonders that exist within America in locations such as California and Florida; one will still be able to travel freely and enjoy all this great region has to offer. So, with all this in mind, where do Avenue Properties recommend you visit on your trip to the USA? We have picked some of the less obvious locations for your consideration, so you can make sure your trip across the Atlantic is one to remember.

Asheville, North Carolina


North Carolina may not be at the top of many people’s list of places to visit in the USA, but it has emerged as somewhat of a rising star over the last few years. Asheville has made quite a reputation for itself due to its commitment to the arts and one can enjoy a showcase of over 200 artists and their work during the summer months as well as craft beers, spirits and cuisine all sourced and produced in the area. The small city is also dissected by the French Broad River, which gives Asheville the feel of a town rather than a sprawling city and one can paddle, kayak and row until their heart’s content; making this a trip you should definitely be considering now there is a new President of the USA.
The Blue Ridge Mountains are also located right beside Asheville, just waiting to be explored.

Lincoln, Nebraska


Not dissimilarly to our very own Lincoln here in the UK, Nebraska’s state capital is a rural paradise despite having a vast array of facilities and attractions. When visiting Lincoln, one can find vast seas of prairie grass and corn as well as the famous Haymarket District which features modern art galleries, boutique shops and a farmer’s market. Anyone who enjoys all that the country has to offer but fused with town living and multiculturalism should certainly be considering a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska. The University of Nebraska adds a youthful vibe to the city and the large contingent of Vietnamese and Sudanese students ensure that for now at least, Lincoln definitely has a western and liberal feel. Lincoln will be celebrating its 150th birthday in 2017, so there really has never been a better time to visit this part of the United States and sample this delightfully interesting insight into American culture.

Sedona, Arizona


Finally, if you would like all the benefits of a spa and pool but wish to combine this with the great American outdoors, then we recommend a visit to Sedona in Arizona. Here, you can relax in natural spas under the backdrop of the iconic Arizona desert. There are all sorts of incredible resorts available all offering their own hiking, horse-riding and exploration excursions and you can then wind down in some of the best hotels you can find anywhere in the States. This option is definitely for travellers who like to get out and about on their trip but who like to relax in style after a day out in the soaring Arizona heat.