A Romantic Getaway for Two in France


When planning a romantic getaway, there are all sorts of options available to the discerning traveller. Numerous destinations across Europe yet there is only really one winner and that is of course France; It is home to the city of love after all.

The romantic allure of Paris is undeniable but France has so much more to offer to couples looking for things to do in France. There are cities, towns and rural areas scattered over this iconic nation, all perfect for that romantic retreat away from the hustle of modern life. From spectacular coastlines to picturesque mountains, villas by the sea and chalets next to vineyards, these are the top picks for couples looking to sample all the delights of France.

Old Town Lyon

For foodies, the old town of Lyon is the perfect holiday destination for couples. Not only can lovers while away their evenings in one of the many traditional bouchons in the beautiful winding streets around the town, but the views from the top of the Fourvière hill are simply too breathtaking to miss. Couples can take a slow romantic stroll up the hill to find the Notre-Dame de Fourvière and look down at view of the whole city. The city also offers beautiful strolls through the maze of streets which are lined with the most amazing restaurants and boulangeries, perfect for a slow but enjoyable weekend away which will make you fall in love all over again. Like the rest of the old town, the hotels in Lyon have the most beautiful architecture. Most of the most popular hotels and villas in the city are a short walk from the popular landmarks which draw couples there. Whether you want to be close to the Cathedral of Lyon or the Musée des Beaux-Arts, a stay in one of the small romantic hotels in Lyon will leave couples amazed by their beauty.



For lovers looking for hotels in France which are off the beaten track, then a trip to the sleepy seaside town of Sanary-sur-Mer may well be the perfect choice. This town sits on the southeast of Provence and makes for the perfect hideaway for anyone looking to get away from the typical tourist towns. Couples will instantly fall in love with the allure of Sanary-sur-Mer, not least due to its dreamy setting close to the Mediterranean Sea. The daily Provençal market sits at the port and allows visitors to get up close and personal with the locals, and enjoy the town for what it is. Whilst the town might be described as sleepy by some, there is plenty to keep couples occupied along the port and harbour which is lined with amazing restaurants where fresh seafood can be enjoyed to sea views. For those who enjoy the sea, there is a small beach close by where couples can enjoy a lazy stroll with the sound of the sea in their ears, making it the ideal spot for a romantic, relaxing seaside holiday for two.


While some couples looking for a romantic getaway may be drawn to a relaxing weekend by the sea, others are looking for luxury French holidays and that is exactly what the town of Épernay can offer. A trip to this fine destination is perfect for lovers looking to experience a true French vineyard and sample the many fine wines. Épernay is home to some of the world’s most prestigious champagne houses, including Moet and Chandon. The architecture of these impressive houses, or in most cases, mansions open their doors to visitors who can spend their days tasting exquisite wines and touring the beautiful vineyards. Like the beautiful champagne houses, the hotels in this area are equally as luxurious. Couples can step inside romantic hotels and fairy tale castles just a stone throws away from the champagne vines, whilst taking in stunning panoramic views that make for the perfect setting for a couple’s holiday.


Ile d’Aix

Any couples visiting the beautiful setting of La Rochelle are urged to take the short trip to Ile d’Aix which is truly an island away from any crowds. This small island is just 3km long and can be reached only by foot or ferry making it a true paradise. Away from the bustle of towns and with no road traffic, this gorgeous island has been deemed one of the world’s most natural sites and for that reason alone it is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. The island of Aix is like a piece of heaven with its pristine white beaches and clear blue sea. Secret alcoves in the rocks make the most perfect picnic spots while looking out to the Mediterranean and taking in the true beauty of the island. This peaceful spot, though quiet, is home to some delightful restaurants which offer a fine array of meats and fresh seafood that are a must for anyone visiting. While the choice of hotels may be small, their quaint architecture make it difficult to choose between them. Some couples choose to stay in the busier la Rochelle, enjoying the island as a day trip as part of a visit to this west coat of France.

We hope this guide has given you an insight into the perfect romantic getaway for two in France. Remember you can peruse our range of luxury properties across the globe or even browse our French selection which is growing all the time.