Lifestyle Ideas You Can Steal From Thailand

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There can be little doubt about it, Thai culture and lifestyle is everywhere. From cuisine, pastimes and culture; the influence this nation has had on the rest of the globe cannot be denied and has found itself in all four corners of the globe. In addition to this, Thailand is still one of the most visited countries in the world with backpackers on gap years, honeymooners and just curious travellers heading to the destination every single day.

With all this said and done, what lifestyle ideas can we all steal from Thailand? We explore the fundamental aspects of the Thai lifestyle and just how we can add these to our own and also highlight some of the best spots you should be checking out, should you be considering a luxury Thai holiday.

Thai Lifestyle

So, what exactly does Thailand stand for with regards to lifestyle? We have done some digging around and looked to bring you some insight away from the predictable factors such as eating well and relaxation. Here are some little gems you may never have considered previously:

Giving of Gifts

It is customary when visiting a friend in Thailand, to bring a gift. The more generous of you may already do this, but why not take a small gift to your friends’ house next time you go over for dinner? It is also considered rude to rip this open straight away, so you will often find this is left on the side for some time. Generosity seems to be a large part of Thai culture; why not look top adopt this philosophy with your friends and family?

Jai Yen Yen

In Thailand, it is considered highly unacceptable to raise your voice; particularly in a public place. Thai culture is such that they like to adopt Jai Yen Yen (cool heart) as opposed to Jai Rawn (hot heart) – so if you are looking to steal some lifestyle principles from the Thai culture then this could be the ideal place to start.
So, next time you can feel that red mist coming on, why not count to ten and ensure that you don’t raise your voice unless it is entirely necessary?



As you can see, a trend of respect is emerging here and this is essentially what you should be looking to embrace when adding Thai culture to your lifestyle. In addition to giving gifts and not raising your voice, there are a couple of customs which could ensure you are seen in a better light by Thai individuals. These are the taking off of shoes whenever you enter someone’s home. This may well the case already in your house, but if not then why not consider implementing this rule? Shoes are just dirty, so ensure you are wearing some nice clean socks and take them off at the door. In order to complement this, one should ensure they never touch anyone on the head; even children. Unless you have an extremely strong bond with the individual in question, this is seen as a huge mark of disrespect in Thailand so it is best to just not do it. In stark contrast to the feet, the head is considered by Thai people to be sacred – so definitely keep them away from anyone’s head. This is core to Thai lifestyle and should be part of any plan to embrace this and integrate it with your own.

Luxury Thai Holidays

If, having incorporated these cultural changes into your life, you have been left with a burning desire to visit Thailand and see the country for yourself, then you are in luck. As specialists in the finest luxury properties on the globe, we have a range of exquisite destinations perfect for a luxury Thai holiday.

We are pretty sure that after reading this guide, you are under no illusions as to why Thai culture should certainly be a part of your life and that visiting should be high on your bucket list.