Picturesque Places To Visit In Morocco

moroccan desert

When planning your dream trip to one of the planet’s most exotic locations, it is important to ensure that you sample all your destination has to offer, particularly if you are embarking on a once in a lifetime holiday. North Africa has long been a favourite destination for travellers looking for a location which fuses European and African cultures, offers a vast array of cuisines and of course; enjoys some of the finest weather on the globe. Yellow sand beaches, bustling markers, superb hotels and friendly locals all put the finishing touches to the luxury Moroccan holidays being enjoyed by thousands of Brits every year.

The best places to visit in Morocco

Djemma El Fna (Jemaa el-Fnaa)

This is the famous Marrakesh marketplace, which attracts millions of tourists from across the world every single year. The area is unmistakably Moroccan and is a hive of activity every day with its food stalls, independent readers and iconic architecture. You can spend days on end wondering around this phenomenal part of Morocco and it really does feel like it has been unscathed by globalisation and modernisation. Jemaa means congregation or gathering in Arabic and that is definitely what you get when visiting Djemma El Fna, an absolute must see if you are looking for places to visit in Morocco.

Erg Chigaga

This typically Moroccan experience is a long-established luxury camp and allows you to sample rural life in the country but in the lap of sophistication. It is situated in a tranquil location and surrounded by dunes, making it unmistakably North African. The main camps at Erg Chigaga can accommodate up to 20 people in 10 spacious tents. Each tent is equipped with wall-to-wall rugs, solar-powered lighting and handcrafted furniture. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to experience the idyllic Moroccan landscapes without the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh or Rabat. So, don’t think that this is like a camping trip back in Blighty – the accommodation in this part of Morocco is pure sophistication and allows travellers to sample all that this fascinating part of the world has to offer. There are smaller camps available for visitors in couples or small families and these even come with bespoke chill-out lounges and hammocks and is nestled in the dunes.


Moroccan Roman Ruins

When thinking about the Roman Empire, one doesn’t naturally think about what they achieved in this part of the world; but there is a rich Roman history in Morocco due to it being the gateway to Africa from Europe. If you are looking for places to visit in Morocco with a bit of culture and history, then the Moroccan Roman ruins at Volubilis are simply perfect. In its pomp, this city of 20,000 was the westernmost extremity of an empire that once stretched to the gates of Persia. The ruins one can now find there suggest a typically Roman dwelling which will have no doubt been oozing with treasure and all the luxury one usually associates with the Roman Empire in its prime. You can visit old grand public buildings around the forum, an iconic Italian Basilica courthouse arrayed with pillars one would usually associate with Rome and a temple to the Roman god Jupiter. When exploring the old ruins in Morocco, one cannot fail to notice the population of large black and white birds, which now soar over the sites enjoying their rich surroundings. This all makes the Moroccan Roman Ruins a quite unforgettable experience and something you should be sure to add to your agenda when travelling around Morocco.

Luxury Moroccan Holidays

However, you decide to approach your visit to what is surely one of the most intriguing locations on the globe, it makes sense to organise yourself exquisite accommodation in order to ensure you get the luxury experience you are looking for. Even if you have opted to camp in the dunes, you will no doubt be looking to spend some time in the country’s capital Rabat or Marrakesh; where the majority of tourists visit when in Morocco. Avenue Property has a range of luxury properties available across Marrakesh. We can’t recommend this part of the world enough and it could be just what you are looking for.