Top 5 Destinations To Visit During Spring

Cuba Town

Now the sun is shining and we can start to dare to think about the spring and summer, many of us will be pondering where we can go on our spring holidays. Easter is nicely positioned in mid-April this year.
We have narrowed our list for spring holiday destinations down to:

1. Italy
2. Dubai
3. Cuba
4. Mexico
5. Hawaii

Things to do in Hawaii

If your vibe when on holiday is surfing, paddle boarding and spending the evenings dancing and drinking cocktails then Hawaii is most probably for you. Hawaii boasts some of the most mesmerising beaches one can find anywhere on the globe and the locals are also famously friendly. You can hike lush, beautiful terrain when in Hawaii and see natural wonders such as lava, waterfalls and Hawaiian green turtles in their natural habitat. Add to this the activities such as snorkelling and you have yourself a simply perfect spring holiday and one that is certain to make you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


Things to do in Italy

When listing the reasons to visit Italy, one would really need an essay to just scrape the surface of why the Boot is one of the most visited locations on the planet. Many would argue that Italy actually has it all when it comes to a holiday location and the temperatures during spring are just perfect for an Easter sojourn. The great thing about visiting Italy is that all the cities carry their own style of class and sophistication but everyone has their favourite. Whether you go for Rome, Naples, Venice, Turin, Palermo or any of the other amazing cities this nation has to offer, you will be greeted with some of the finest food and drink you can sample. Wine tasting excursions, visits to museums containing painting by the greatest that ever lived, freshly made pastas and Tuscan style scenery all make Italy an absolute no-brainer when it comes to your spring break. Very different to a trip to Hawaii admittedly; but magical all the same.


Things to do in Cuba

Next on our list of the perfect destinations for your spring trip, is Cuba. Often overlooked in favour of their Caribbean neighbours, there are few countries in the world with a richer heritage and history. Their food, drink and other customs are unmistakable and the guaranteed weather makes it the ideal destination for your spring holiday. Whilst Cuba boasts some of the most beautiful beaches with soft sand and turquoise waters, once you’ve checked out some of the hundreds of museums and galleries, why not get stuck into some of the cooler things to do like learning to roll your own cigar, do water sports in Trinidad de Cuba or drink more Mojitos than you ever have before.


Things to do in Dubai

No travel list would be complete without a mention of Dubai. This is a city which has to be seen to be believed with some of the most breath-taking architecture, biggest malls and world’s tallest buildings. Dubai really is the epitome of luxury and opulence, with much of it reclaimed from the ocean and custom built by some of the richest visionaries in the area. Perhaps the best thing about visiting the UAE’s premier region is the fact that you can enjoy pretty much any break you desire. You can shop, drink, eat or sunbathe and the city enjoys unlimited rays all year around, so be rest assured on that one. If you’re looking for that extra touch of class, then this could be the best option for your spring holiday.


Things to do in Mexico

Our final suggestion for the best places to visit this spring in Mexico. There are fantastic resorts in the country such as Cancun and the cities of Monterrey, Guadalajara and of course Mexico City, which are all rich in history and heritage. The weather in Mexico is basically guaranteed, with just a small amount of rain recorded during the spring months and with this essentially being tropical, it is unlikely to affect your trip. Museo Regional de Nayarit, Bistro Organico and Volcan Parucutin are three Mexican attractions which have always gone down a storm in the past and are quintessentially Mexican courtyard boasting amazing views. Add to all of this typical Mexican food and a few bottles of Corona and you really do have yourself the perfect Spring holiday.


So there you have it! A handful of destinations to visit during the spring holidays. Of course these are not the only stunning locations you could potentially visit, but are certainly some of the most popular and mesmerising.