5 Exquisite Destinations To Explore Whilst Travelling In Asia

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Planning the perfect trip is somewhat of an art these days, with the multitude of destinations available to the discerning traveller. Luxury exploration holidays are on the increase to Asia with many travellers looking to stay in luxurious resorts and villas whilst exploring outside these complexes in the day, instead of staying by the pool.

With this in mind, we have compiled our guide to five must-see destinations to explore whilst travelling in Asia.


For keen travellers, Nepal is a dream to explore and it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most popular destinations for luxury holidays. It’s a landlocked country, surrounded by Tibet, India, Bhutan and China so there are fantastic travelling opportunities for those looking for a long holiday. With the Himalayas as a backdrop, the views are incredible and there’s no need to travel to another country to make the most of the exploration opportunities.

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Nepal is steeped in history and geography which draws travellers in from the start. It’s the Himalayas which travellers regard as Nepal’s main attraction and with Nepal being home to 8 of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, it’s a traveller’s paradise.

For travellers looking to steer clear of the crowds, why not visit Lumbini? The central point of Buddhism is Nepal, and Nepalgunj is famous for trekking, with some amazing walking routes.


For first time visitors to Asia, Thailand is the ideal place to start and it is the perfect location for any luxury traveller looking for the perfect luxury holiday. Thailand is known for its rich culture; exquisite food, famed beaches and beautiful islands to explore, and while it can be extremely hard to find luxurious places to stay everywhere you go, there are many destinations one can visit for a luxury experience.

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Being the travel hub of Southeast Asia, there are some destinations in Thailand that can become a tourist trap. A lot of travellers will fly into Bangkok as it is a convenient base for the perfect luxury start to your trip, but there are plenty of locations off the beaten track and away from tourists which offer beaches, beauty and delicious food too.

Thailand can be seen as a beautiful destination for travellers although the north is a lot cheaper and less desirable than Bangkok and the southern islands so take this into consideration when booking your trip, as it is best to head for the south. The best of Thailand and the most luxurious areas are to be found in the south of Thailand. We have a range of luxury villas in Thailand to make your holiday there truly magical.


For the ultimate traveling experience, India has it all.  The country is rich in flavours, culture and history, with wonders, beaches and sites that keen travellers should have on their hit list.  It can offer a lot of different experiences that make this country a firm favourite for luxury travellers.

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With so much diversity in the continent, deciding where to go is not easy and if you want to make the most of it then you could easily spend months travelling around different locations. To experience the best the country has to offer and give you a taste of the different ways of life in beautiful India, be sure to visit the wonders of Rajasthan, Kerala and Goa, especially if you are new to travelling around India.

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Sri Lanka

Perhaps less popular than some of our aforementioned locations but still a traveller’s dream for anyone looking to travel around a country steeped in culture. Tourism has been rapidly increasing in Sri Lanka in recent years with travellers looking to take advantage of the beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and immerse themselves in the nature and wildlife that Sri Lanka has to offer.

For such a small island, it packs in a lot and there are many locations that tempt travellers new and old. With temples, ruins, and beaches to visit across the country, it’s hard to decide where the best places to visit are.  Keen travellers recommend Ella, a beautiful mountain town, Unawatuna, a breathtaking beach that must be visited, and Singiriya, a rock fortress and palace ruin in the Matale District.

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If you’re looking for luxurious accommodation in Sri Lanka, look no further than our luxury villas in Sri Lanka which are some of the best available in the country. We can help organise travel and we provide advice on visas and any immunisations needed before you travel.


For travellers looking for a luxury holiday, Indonesia may just be the perfect location.  A country as vast as this one is home to so many cultures, cuisines and landscapes that it would be impossible to see it all in just one visit. One could in fact take a lifetime to explore this beautiful country.

Whilst places like Bali may have become very tourist heavy they are still very beautiful.  If however you are looking for a travelling experience off the beaten track, then Indonesia is perfect for you, as it truly helps to define the word adventure.

For a luxury holiday that packs in a wide range of cultures and experiences, travellers will do well to visit Borobudur, Komono Island, Pranbanan temples and Yogyakarta.  You will be spoilt for unforgettable scenery and dramatic landscapes and the spas are a must visit if you are looking for a bit of pampering. Why not visit some of our luxury villas in Bali as well whilst you explore Indonesia?

So there you have it! Our top five destinations to visit for a luxury holiday travelling around Asia. Of course, there are many other beautiful locations you could visit but these are certainly some of the most popular and can offer so much whether it’s culture, food and sights you wish to explore.

As always, you can contact the Avenue Property team at any time to discuss your trip of a lifetime or any of our luxury properties across the globe.