A breathtaking picturesque fortified village perched on a hill enjoying majestic views of the Gascon landscape set far from noise and pollution.  Rescued it from the rubble, decorated with fine antique furniture, art and a library collection it is now opened to a select few. Perfect for all manners of events.

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Castelnau des Fieumarcon is a breathtakingly picturesque fortified village perched on a hill surveying the endless, undulating Gascon landscape far away from noise and pollution. For 700 years, the Castelnau des Fieumarcon was the domain of the Marquis des Fieumarcon, Cassagnet, Tilladet and Esclignac.

30 years ago it became the domain of the Landscape Collector, Frederic Coustols. After rescuing it from the rubble, decorating it with genuine antique furniture he acquired over the years (some pieces having belonged to the Marquis), as well as unique consoles, beds, and tables of his own design, he transferred part of his library and art collection to the Castelnau and decided to open it to a select few.


The whole village lends itself perfectly to corporate retreats, gatherings for family or friends, weddings, workshops or special celebrations, with its ability to house up to 67 people together (and more using local guest houses), yet with a feeling of individual freedom and space. If the entire village is taken you can inhabit the houses, use the streets, eat, study and play together without disturbance from the outside world. Anything is possible here, whether a jazz band or fireworks, brunch under the vines, or ballooning, the possibilities are endless and individual itineraries can be tailor made for each group. The monumental stables and lawn can comfortably entertain and cater for up to three hundred people and the houses have large airy rooms which can be used for meetings, eating, intimate concerts or lectures.


The interiors are generous, refined, elegantly furnished with Gascon antiques and fabrics, both old and contemporary art and clean-lined modern bathrooms.

Nearly all of the houses have kitchens but telephones and televisions are nowhere to be seen bringing forth one of the particularities of the Castelnau des Fieumarcon: the ability to have an entire world of your own where you can think, talk, brainstorm or star-gaze uninterrupted.


33 Bedrooms. 25 Doubles & 21 Singles (+ 3 sofa beds and 7 camp beds)


Outdoor pool, tennis court, Flat screen TV and DVD.


The stronghold has 16 houses (of which 12 are dedicated to guests) with charming individual gardens, a church and a vast 17th century vaulted hall, with a capacity of 150 sitting guests, which used to be part of a monumental stable block. The honeyed limestone walls adorned with vines and nestling fruit trees follow paths to brightly painted doors



The village is located 10 mins from Lectoure on the N21


The nearest station is in Agen, 20 minutes away


The nearest airports are Toulouse and Bordeaux, respectively 1h.30 and 2h.30 away

Staff & Dining

Caterer available on request starting from 20 guests.

Well known for its gastronomy, Armagnac and wines, the Gers represents a perfect tasting ground for the most discerning palates. Extra cleaning can be arranged upon request.

Please remember to ask about our concierge service which will take care of your every need…

Things to Do

Guests are encouraged to explore the area and take in stunning views. For further inspiration please call our friendly team.