Isla Simca encompasses seclusion like no other. Your own private island and, a short kayak ride away, 10,000 additional, private acres on Panama’s Pacific coast. Distant from all civilization, surrounded by empty seas and an archipelago that feels truly primordial.

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Luxurious services and accommodations for up to 30 guests in a dramatically contemporary residence, combined with recreational adventures in a nature that is pure and wild.


The excitement of the art, colors, and soaring-ceiling spaces belies the relaxing comfort of the main living room. The observatory, on the uppermost level of the house, is a cozy hideaway and star-gazing spot. With these views, who would want to be inside? But Isla Simca’s interiors invite nature in.


Situated at the island’s summit 1000 feet above the sea, is the main pavilion and three guest bedroom buildings. Two of them have six bedrooms each, the third has four bedrooms. In total, 30 guests can be accommodated. The decor is sunny pastels and brilliant artwork. Sliding glass doors lead to large balconies facing the sea. Bathrooms are beautifully equipped and unusually spacious, with the same island views. Most bedrooms are furnished with a king-size bed and all have colorful,
provocative artworks from Jean Pigozzi’s celebrated collection of contemporary African art.


Not a structure nor boat in sight, not a whisper of civilization. Just endless views of a rugged nature. Exciting open seas are complemented by quiet bays, each inviting Simca’s guests to explore. Between the two large pools, a shaded resting place. Solar-heated, open-air showers and Jacuzzi are steps away.


278-acre private island just off the Pacific Coast of Panama, and an additional 10,000 acres on the mainland just across a narrow channel.

Just five hours flight from New York or Los Angeles.

Staff & Dining

The only downside in Isla Simca’s dining experience is that the food, gourmet as it is, has to fight with the views for attention. Whether you are having early morning breakfast on your balcony, a picnic by a jungle waterfall, or dinner on the terrace at the island’s summit, nature may well be the main draw. The resort’s world-class chef is at your service nonetheless, and your menus will reflect your detailed information on your group’s preferences, as well as any of your individual guests’ special needs.

Staff of 60.

Things to Do

This may be the most important difference between Isla Simca and other private island experiences: the wildness of its nature and the options for adventure.

After owner Jean Pigozzi selected this island for his dream house on the sea, he saw to its total privacy by acquiring 10,000 acres of untouched coastline just across the narrow channel. All of this is a playground, now, for Isla Simca’s guests: empty seas and mangroves for kayaking, world-class fishing, SCUBA diving and jet skiing, 40 miles of mountain tracks for ATV riding and horseback riding, long trails for guided jungle walks.

Land and sea adventures including sea kayaking, wave runners, ATV riding on 40 miles of trails, exploring wildlife-filled mangroves, horseback riding, world-class deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and SCUBA diving, bicycling

Probably no other island vacation retreat as close to both New York and Los Angeles feels so far away or has such remarkable wildlife. There are rare bird species, howler monkeys, friendly large iguanas and white-tailed deer. Whether you are enjoying the miles of trails on your all-terrain vehicle, taking an early morning guided jungle walk, or kayaking into the dense mangroves, you are bound to be treated to sightings of rare wildlife.

Tired of the more active adventures? Lay back on one of the many pristine beaches, swim in one of Simca’s two oversized pools (you choose between saltwater and fresh), take a lazy ride on our train, or select one of the 3,000+ movie titles available in our stunning, state-of-the-art cinema.