Segera is a luxury eco-safari retreat, nestled at the foot of Mount Kenya, comprising 50,000 acres of pristine, private conservation land surrounding exquisitely designed villas and botanical gardens.  A diverse and magical environment of woodlands, grasslands and fertile river beds, boasting abundant African wildlife for an incredible safari experience. Built in total harmony with the surroundings using minimal environmental impact, the Segera lifestyle, focused around conservation, community, culture and commerce is carefully designed to inspire your soul as much as your senses while promoting practices that impact the environment and the community in positive ways.

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Situated on 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres) of preserved land, Segera Retreat is a wildlife sanctuary that offers a unique experience of utmost luxury amidst natural beauty and personal enrichment from conscientious, sustainable living.

The Oasis

With Mount Kenya as the backdrop and spectacular views over the Laikipia Plateau, Segera Retreat is an extraordinary oasis of beauty. Private villas surrounded by unspoiled African landscape, a vast and varied botanical garden with lush native and exotic plants, and a sculpture garden whose works of art stand sentry over native African wildlife.  Saltwater pools are nestled amongst lush vegetation and beautiful al fresco dining and lounging areas.


Segera offers privacy in exquisite accommodations. Six timber and thatch villas are built on elevated wooden platforms, offering a perfect view out onto the wild African savannah. Each villa has its own private deck outfitted with lounge chairs for soaking up the African sun, and swinging beds that provide the perfect spot for a midday or evening escape. A private outdoor hot tub offers a tranquil and private setting in which to bathe in nature. Each villa is uniquely decorated with artworks by African artists, and surrounded by botanical gardens for complete privacy.

Segera House

Segera House

The stone-clad Segera House is roomy and luxurious and perfect for families.  With three double bedrooms, a lounge, raised observation deck, private garden and salt-water pool, this beautiful house offers complete privacy. 

Villa Segera

Villa Segera is the perfect romantic retreat property for two people, consisting of two thatched wooden buildings, connected by a swing bridge, with panoramic bedroom views, and a beautiful upstairs living space and gallery decorated with beautiful antiques and art. The indoor-outdoor living experience is complete with a private veranda, private garden and salt-water pool plus an outside lounge and dining area.


Segera lies at the very heart of the Laikipia Plateau, which is nestled between the glorious Mount Kenya to the east and the Great Rift Valley to the west. A stunningly diverse and seemingly magical environment, the Laikipia region boasts woodlands, grasslands and fertile riverbeds where water flowing from the Aberdare Mountains long ago gave rise to the Mutara River to the north, and the Ewaso Nyiro, Suguroi and Segera Rivers to the south.

Staff & Dining

Dining at Segera is personalized and highly creative, with world-class food. You can eat what you want, whenever you want.  Meals and high teas feature the freshest ingredients from Segera’s fruit, vegetable and herb gardens, or sourced from neighbouring farms. Try our homemade granola, jams or honey harvested from the Segera beehives.  Or enjoy handmade pizza from our wood fired pizza oven in the botanical gardens, or a bush picnic with private chef next to the river.  Choose to eat al fresco by the pool or on your villa’s private lounge area, in the beautiful Wine Tower, or in one of our dining areas—the Paddock House with stunning views of the African landscape and Mount Kenya, or in the renovated horse stables, a stunning venue for intimate dining amongst a world renowned African contemporary art collection.  Or simply enjoy a drink and cosy relaxation by the fireplace. 

Segera’s excellent chefs offer many cuisine options that suit many regimes, including dairy-free, gluten-free or paleo diets, vegetarian, vegan or raw food, and freshly prepared food for children and babies. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner at one of our beautiful venues while our trusted staff look after your children in your villa.


Things to Do

Segera offers both a sanctuary for total relaxation and a diverse selection of activities.  Enjoy bespoke private safari game drives to explore Segera’s abundant wildlife, or lion and big cat tracking with our guides.  You can also enjoy the surrounding wilderness with a beautiful bush  picnic next to the river, on foot during a bush walk, or with a visit to our endangered Pattas monkey research station.  Visit our cattle farm and traditional herders or help collect honey at the Segera bee hives.  Learn about our local communities by visiting our SATUBO women’s empowerment centre to see local craftswomen showcasing their traditional beading, or one of six schools built by the Zeitz Foundation.  Heighten your cultural experience with an Art Tour of our world-renowned contemporary African Art collection, or explore the initiatives and work of the Zeitz Foundation and The Long Run initiatives in the 4C’s cultural education centre.  Or you can relax and enjoy the luxury of the Segera experience closer to home.  Enjoy a full range of treatments at the spa, a workout at the gym or a pilates session.  Take time for self-reflection in our yoga and meditation areas, or enjoy a tour of our botanical sculpture gardens, organic farm, kitchens or solar farm.  You can also visit GAAMY, the iconic 1929 Gypsy Moth bi-plane from the film ‘Out Of Africa’ now living at Segera.  For those who love sleeping out under the stars, let our staff set up your beautiful outside bedroom and watch the sunrise over Mount Kenya.  

Day trips by helicopter or plane to stunning landscapes are also available right from our private airstrip – the vast Rift Valley, the flamingoes of Lake Baringo or Turkana, the majesty of Mount Kenya, and the stunning Suguta valley, are amongst many excursions.

Each activity at Segera observes the 4Cs: conservation, community, culture and commerce. This ranges from wildlife monitoring and species conservation, to renewable energy and recycled water efforts; from community training, employment and cultural preservation, to using locally grown produce and purchasing from socially responsible wine cultivars. The 4C concept brings together conservation, community and culture within the realm of commerce.