Branching into overseas sales and UK acquisitions has been an organic process that has evolved naturally from renting our owners’ beautiful houses. Some of these have been in the family for decades, others are newly finished, stunning, contemporary homes. We have an international, private portfolio of some of the worlds most exquisite houses for sale.

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As of January 16th, 2016 we will have teamed up with one of the most respected Buying Agents in London, Gilly Holloway, who has been acting discretely for valued clients to find them the perfect home for over 20 years.  A seasoned campaigner from the very early days when Buying Agents were a novelty, she is known for her resourceful diligence in ferreting out the very best property for her clients, sometimes in unexpected places and very importantly, for hard bargaining wherever possible.

Her knowledge of the prime central areas is second to none and it extends surprisingly far out as well.  She recognises that our businesses are closely aligned, we trust her knowledge and expertise and she has now come on board and is available to our clients, so you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.  Her hallmark has always been her total discretion and integrity and each transaction is treated as if it were her own investment, hence her business has grown exponentially entirely based on word of mouth and personal recommendation and we are lucky to have her on our team.  London is her speciality and where she is unbeatable, but she has lived in the Cotswolds and all over the South West growing up, so she knows the individuals who are her equivalent in those areas with whom we now work, so they too are available to clients of AVENUE.  We are here to help and advise but we will always tell you if we are not best placed to provide you with the exceptional service on which our valued clients rely.

In the UK, AVENUE is also offering “Managed Sales”, taking the strain out of selling a house for someone by dealing with the whole process.  We are not estate agents, so we do not have a bank of really good applicants looking to buy, but we know who does and who does not, in any part of London and the south west.  We do only what we know we are best at and that is knowing our market – inviting in only appropriate selling agents in order to give appraisals, evaluating those appraisals, liaising with you before appointing the right agent(s) on the best terms, helping you prepare a house for sale and viewings so that it presents in the best possible light.

We will receive and field offers when they come in and advise on their merit, help to choose a good property solicitor if the client does not have one, liaise with and chase up surveyors and solicitors and provide support where needed, so that the vendor has limited or no dealings with the agents and the whole transaction is as peaceful as it can be.  We can also arrange the move itself from start to finish if required and we know who are the best and most reliable companies to use.  Our terms are reasonable – please contact us to discuss them.

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