Thailand’s premier estate property offering the ultimate in accommodation and service in the form of solid teak villas located on 24 acres of beautifully landscaped property. With accommodation for 12 guests in 4 separate teak villas, Khum Sak Tong is perfect for families and groups and boasts a very spacious 2,370 sq. Meters (25,500 Sq. Feet) of living space.

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Khum Sak Tong is an all-inclusive experience that includes your own team of skilled, friendly English speaking staff offering service that is tailored to your every need. Your Team includes personalized chefs, hostesses, maids, security and gardeners.

Dine in exotic locations that offer spectacular views and privacy. Delicious Thai and international dishes are prepared to suit your palate. Fruits and vegetables come from our own organic garden. All meals and drinks are included, and you will not be presented with a bill after every meal. We want you to feel truly comfortable in your villa during your vacation. This is a completely bespoke experience; you can control your experience and journey. Just let us know what you need and we will be happy to provide it.

Khum Sak Tong is dedicated to provide its guests with the highest quality products and service available. We have imported linens and beds from Europe, cheese from Italy and France, wild Tasmanian Salmon and wines from the best vineyards worldwide.

With European owners and western management Khum Sak Tong is aware of what is required to provide a standard of quality of services and products to our guests that are unequaled anywhere in Asia.

Main Villa

The pinnacle of the villas at Khum Sak Tong is the Main Villa. Beautifully constructed and designed with solid golden teak this is the ultimate villa to stay in. The villa is tastefully decorated with modern European furnishings and contemporary art. This is the perfect villa for a couple enjoying their honeymoon or just wanting to have a very special vacation. The Main Villa offers spectacular views of our own rice fields and mountains all the way to Myanmar. There is a tranquil lotus pond with relaxing waterfall and reading sala next to the villa. This 2 bedroom villa has over 1,300 sq. meters (10,650 sq. feet) of open living space making the villa a truly spacious and spectacular experience.

Take a book form the library and sit back, relax and enjoy the afternoon breezes in the massive living room decorated with antique chandeliers and ceramics. The bedrooms come with everything you need from a large dressing area to spacious bathroom with clawfoot bath, heated floors and towel racks. The bedrooms have large sliding doors that open up onto spectacular views of the property.

There is a pop-up TV in each of the bedrooms with international H.D. satellite T.V. as well as a large selection of films. Downstairs has a large entertainment area with a 70 inch LED TV to sit back and enjoy a favourite film.

Enjoy your breakfast on the balcony overlooking our spectacular koi pond, stocked with handpicked koi from Japan. Have a candle lit dinner on the balcony looking out at the tiki torch-lit rice fields.

Let highly skilled therapists release your tension and stress to the gentler sounds of nature as you relax in the 2 beautiful Spa’s located on the grounds of Khum Sak Tong.

River House 1 & 2

Set in quiet area of the estate, the river houses are self-contained villas located next to a meandering river inside a canopy of bamboo. The villas are constructed from solid golden teak and decorated with comfortable, modern furnishings and artwork. River houses 1 and 2 have large balconies to sit back on and relax or enjoy a late gourmet breakfast while viewing the wildlife. The total living area of each villa is a spacious120 sq. meters (1,300 Sq. feet). The villas are equipped with silent climate control for your comfort, providing both heating and air conditioning as is required.

River House 3

This 2 bedroom villa, constructed of solid golden teak, is a perfect choice for families. River House 3 comes with a separate living room, large bathroom and 2 spacious bedrooms. There is also a large balcony to enjoy breakfast on while you watch the buffalo feed next to the river. Relax and enjoy the comfortable 125 sq. meters (1350 sq. feet) of living space the villa has to offer. River House 3 is equipped with silent climate control for your comfort, providing both heating and air conditioning as needed.


Pa Sak Tong is located next to the sleepy village of Suan Doc, meaning garden of flowers. Mostly an agricultural community, Suan Doc is surrounded by rice fields and tea plantations. The people of the community are a mix of traditional farmers and Hill Tribes. They are friendly, gentle and helpful.

Stroll through the village and you will never encounter another tourist, only the true living Lana culture and heritage of Northern Thailand.

Chiang Rai is perfectly located to explore the outstanding natural beauty, ancient settlements, Buddhist shrines, and unique Hill Tribe culture of Chiang Rai province. The province is the original capital of the Lanna Kingdom and is rich in historical significance. The City of Chiang Rai is considered small by Thai standards, but has a very unique feel to it.

The city is easy to walk in and has many cultural attractions that can be reached on foot or by bicycle.

Chiang Rai is a melting pot of cultures made up of many diverse ethnic groups that include Thai, Chinese, 9 different Hill Tribes, Indian, Burmese and Thai Yai. The people are very friendly and easy to get to know. Northern Thai people are very helpful and look forward to any opportunity to share their special culture with visitors.

Staff & Dining

Khum Sak Tong is an all-inclusive experience that includes your own team of skilled, friendly English speaking staff offering service that is tailored to your every need. Your Team includes personalized chefs, hostesses, maids, security and gardeners. All meals, snacks and drinks are included.

Khum Sak Tong strives to bring you only the freshest food available.  Many of the fruits and vegetables used in your meals are organically grown in their gardens. The beef is imported from Australia, New Zealand and France.  Cheeses come from France and Northern Italy.  

Dining Locations

Pa Sak Tong has a variety of locations to dine in.  Enjoy a romantic dinner in an exotic Sala by the rice field, or enjoy lunch next to the koi pond.   You can choose from our various splendid settings to enjoy the tasty delights our chefs prepare for you.

The Dining Villa

Set inside the bend of the river, the Dining Villa offers a private and serene location for lunch or dinner. Enjoy a quiet drink next to the cozy bar and fireplace and then move to the dining area with a spectacular view of the rice fields and distant mountains.

Main Villa

Dining Under the Main Villa at Khum Sak Tong between the rice fields and large lotus pond guests can enjoy a very unique dining experience. With seating for 10 this is the perfect location for larger parties to share meals together. This vast teak space offers beautiful vistas on all sides.

Lunch at the Koi Pond

Enjoy a unique afternoon meal next to our exotic koi pond. This 200 ton pond has over 40 varieties of Japanese coloured carp. Sit back and enjoy the moving art of the koi as they entertain you during your meal.

Traditional Northern Thai Dance and Music Evening

For the ultimate in Thai experience we offer a very special opportunity to enjoy a combination of Thai Dance and Traditional Northern Thai music performed during while you dine. Khun Chida plays the traditional saaw string instrument while she sings Northern Thai songs. Her lyrical voice is stunning. Khun Beer is considered Northern Thailand’s premier dancer and has represented Thailand in competition with many Asian countries in dance. The combination of the gentle sounds of native instruments and Northern songs with Thai dance is unforgettable.

Things to Do

Relax in your own private chemical-free, solar-heated swimming pool situated inside the picturesque gardens of Khum Sak Tong. We use no chorine, only an ozone generation system to provide a safe and comfortable experience. This estate has the only heated swimming pools in the Chiang Rai province.

Let the stress role away as you relax and rejuvenate in one of our tranquil spas. Our world class therapists melt your knots and tension away with their experienced hands. From refreshing facials to our signature Pa Sak Tong Thai massage, our therapist will leave you feeling completely relaxed and revitalized. Our therapists not only have experience to deeply relax you, they are also highly trained in a variety of therapies to assist in the repair of damaged tissue and relieve troubling aches and pains.

In keeping with our natural and organic approach all of the oils used for massage are 100% organic and cold pressed. We use only natural and chemical free products for all of our facial and body treatments. Pa Sak Tong has designed specific treatments using these exceptional face and body products to regenerate and replenish your skin.

Located on the top of the estate, The Spa Pavilion is an outdoor spa with an amazing panorama view of the entire estate. The Spa is fully equipped with a steam and outdoor treatment room. This is a wonderful location to have a traditional Thai massage and enjoy the view of the rice fields and buffalo feeding below.

The Paradise Spa comes complete with both steam, scrub and a treatment room for two. The spa has both indoor and outdoor facilities for treatments. Enjoy a relaxing herbal steam followed by a plunge in our unique deep stone bath in total privacy next to cascading waterfalls.

Stretch your body and your mind with our yoga Master in the peaceful gardens of Pa Sak Tong. Combining stretching, breathing and meditation yoga helps you relax deeply while providing peace and rejuvenation to your mind.

If hiking or mountain biking in the local tea plantation is not your thing then we have a fully equipped gym with a range of cardio and strength machines. The room is supplied with a sound and HD satellite T.V. system. There is also a steam room next to the gym for you to relax in after a good workout.

Our entertainment areas have a full selection of audiovisual entertainment. Choose from an array of international news, sports and movie channels on the HD satellite system. There is also a custom movie system that contains over 300 titles and a large variety of T.V. series. There is a Nintendo Wii system to provide fun for the entire family. Parents can relax at dinner while the kids are watching their favorite cartoons.

The estate has over 29 acres of pristine gardens and ponds. With over 2 kilometers of walkways on the property guests will enjoy the many varieties of flora and fauna.

There are 2 koi ponds with prize koi fish that are chosen in Japan each year. Relax beside our 3 beautiful lotus ponds and enjoy the enormous Victoria lilies that grow up to 2 meters in diameter! Stroll through the unique fern garden with over 20 varieties of ferns and an abundance of bird life.

Northern Thailand is known for its spectacular scenery and weather. This combined with the cultural and of the area offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy all of this in hiking. Pa Sak Tong have put together a comprehensive series of hikes, all on trails maintained by our staff, that offer guests a variety scenic hiking experiences through the local landscape.

Chiang Rai has two beautiful international golf courses set in rolling foothills. Northern Thailand has a great golfing climate with little to no humidity during the winter months.


The estate has planned and organized some very unique tours to allow you to see and experience some of the amazing cultural and natural history that makes up Northern Thailand. Our tours are unique in that we avoid major commercial tourist attractions and offer you a real look at life in the North. Whether interacting with a remote Hill Tribe orphanage or seeing a 1,400 year old temple in the Golden Triangle your experience will be unforgettable.

Our staff speak excellent English and have a very good understanding of the history of the region. Each tour includes a gourmet picnic lunch served in a scenic location. You are in control of your experience, there are no set times or agendas.

Long Tail Boat Trip

The tour begins with an exciting long–tail boat ride down the scenic Mae Kok River. The boat will pass many interesting sites on the way to a Karen hill tribe village and elephant camp. At the village you will experience how a traditional hill tribe lives as well as see how an active elephant camp functions.

Elephants are standing by to take you on a scenic trek through the mountains to the Lahu hill tribe village of Yafu. Here you will experience how a very rustic hill tribe community lives. Lunch will be served on the balcony of a traditional bamboo hut overlooking a very scenic valley.

This is followed by a scenic nature trek to a picturesque water fall where you can cool off in the mountain stream. Next we visit an Akha hill tribe village just downstream. Here you will learn some of the history of the Akha people and see the differences between the previous 2 hill tribes.

Doi Tung Gardens

The tour begins at the Doi Tung Development Project and Cottage Industry Centre. This successful non-profit organization was started by the Princess Mother to aid the local hill tribes in moving from an opium based economy. Here you will see many different hill tribes making pottery, natural fabrics, coffee and mulberry paper. You will also partake in a fun activity with some of the workers.

Next we go to the famous Mae Fha Luang Gardens and Palace. This area of has been called the ‘Switzerland of Thailand’ by many people. Nestled near the top of the beautiful Doi Tung mountain range, amidst lush tropical forests, are the Mae Fha Luang gardens. These gardens are a spectacular site with a large variety of flowering plants from Thailand, including many specialty hybrid orchids.

This is followed by a tour of the Doi Tung Royal Villa where the Princess Mother lived during the time she worked closely with the various hill tribes of the region. The Villa, built from recycled shipping containers, boasts spectacular views of the area.

After lunch we take a scenic drive to another mountain range that passes through a variety of Hill Tribe villages on the way to visit an Akha hill tribe orphanage. This is a rare opportunity to interact with the children and learn about their lives. The orphanage was started by an ambitious Akha Family who wanted to offer not only a better life for these children, but access to education as well.

Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle. We begin with a visit to Chiang Sean, a sleepy town that sits on the mighty Mekong River across from Laos. This was once the center of power of the mighty Lanna Kingdom beginning some 1400 years ago. There are spectacular ruins and a branch of the Thai National Museum here. Next we take a short drive to picturesque Chiang Sean Lake, where a quiet picnic lunch will be served. This is a nature reserve and a favorite for bird watchers.

We then take a short drive along the Mekong River to the infamous Golden Triangle, where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet. The region, once famous for its thriving opium trade now derives its income from tourism and casinos.

The last stop of the Tour is at the famous Hall of Opium. The hall is a project of the Princess Mother’s Mae Fha Luang Foundation to educate and illustrate the effects of Opium on this region of Thailand. The Hall has been heralded as a must see but many well-known travel writers.

Chiang Rai City Tour

Chiang Rai, founded in 1262, is both a picturesque and interesting city. The tour begins with a stop at Wat Rongkhun, or the White Temple. Designed by the artist Chalermchai Kositpipat, Wat Rongkhun is a spectacular temple made from white glass.

Next we stop at the King Meng Rai monument where visitors pay their respects to the founder of Chiang Rai. Enjoy some local colour, sites and sounds with a visit to the local market. This is Chiang Rai’s largest market where you will see locals buying everything from fresh vegetables to farm tools.

Next we visit the Hill Tribe museum where you will learn of the many different tribal cultures found in the Chiang Rai region. Here you will see the costumes of each tribe and cultural group.

Hiking on Doi Chang Mountain

Pa Sak Tong has its own private trials on nearby Doi Chang Mountain. Working closely with the Lizu Hill Tribe guides in the area we have created a beautiful series of exclusive hikes on this picturesque mountain.  The hikes pass through a variety of different terrain from old forest, grasslands, and rain forests.  There are amazing vistas along the way including some spiritual sites for the Lizu people.
The hike is followed by a unique tour of a beautiful mountain temple site with ancient bamboos and forests and serene ponds.  We complete the experience with a gourmet picnic overlooking endless valleys.

Night Bazaar

No trip to Chiang Rai is complete without an evening spent at the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar. With its many vendors selling everything from Hill Tribe artifacts to beautiful teak carvings it is a must see. Have a drink and enjoy listening to live traditional Northern Thai music. There is also traditional Thai dancing shows and if you are lucky you may even see one of Thailand’s unique Lady Boy shows.