Intimate and informal, refined in the details and simplicity of an atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding nature, everything in this boutique hotel conjures tranquillity, a surrender to time and to a dolce far niente lulled by the sound of waves gently lapping against the sand. Inspired by the British colonial style, 13 villas overlooking the ocean, an attentive, customized service and a cuisine inspired in the local ingredients, this boutique hotel will make your visit memorable.

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“Beach Villa with lake view”

– This is the only villa with lake view, decorated with tropical yellows and olive greens.pproximately 54 sqm. One Queen sized bed. A cradle andan extra bed may be included in the room.

“Beach villas with sea view”

– measuring 54 sqm, thesevillas include modern, more solid lines softened by turquoise
and pink pastel shades. These also offer access to and viewsover the Indian Ocean. One Queen sized bed and two singlebeds. A cradle and an extra bed may be included in the room.

“Family Beach Villas”

– 54 sqm in shades of dark blue,white and wood. With access to and views over the ocean,these villas were designed to provide you and your family withthe utmost comfort. One Queen sized bed and two singlebeds. May include a cradle. Extra bed is not allowed.

“Luxury Beach Villas”

– 68 sqm of pure luxury with accessto and views over the ocean, these villas include extremely refined details, as well as warm and sensual colours. One King sized bed. May include a cradle. Extra bed is not allowed.


Located very close to South Africa, on Africa’s eastern coast, Mozambique is currently one of the world’s trendiest destinations.

Staff and Dining

Customized service and gourmet cuisine at this boutique hotel

Things to Do

Barra beach, in north-eastern Mozambique, is considered one the world’s best diving spots. Coconut trees, white sandy beaches, seahorses, tepid water, and only 20 km from the local aerodrome, are the main attractions offered by this beach paradise, which can be the starting point for other excursions, such as the colonial centre of Inhambane village (20km away), the Pomene natural reserve (60 km away), Coconut Bay (to the South) and other attractions located nearby. If you wish to see lions, buffalos, giraffes and crocodiles, travel a little farther and visit Gorongosa Park (700 km away) which is once again home to wildlife that had fled due to the Mozambican civil war; or the renowned Kruger Park, on the other side of the border, in South Africa, approximately 600 km away.