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Ortholithi Estate
Corfu, Greece


We are here to advise and guide you throughout your search and stay

Avenue is your first and last stop when looking for a luxury property to rent. Our team works closely with clients and owners alike, ensuring every guest has an experience worth coming back for. We are currently showing only a selection of our collection but will be uploading new properties weekly. Please contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

“I head to Avenue”

Jeremy Clarkson

I hardly ever get a break but if I do, I head to Avenue

“I always go to Avenue”

Charlotte Tilbury

Whether I am looking for a HQ, a house to buy in London, a cosy cottage in the Cotswolds or to really get away, I always go to Avenue.

“Avenue always inspire and look after me”

Laura Bailey

I trust Avenue to always inspire and look after me on the road. Close to home or far far away. Just desktop ogling of their diverse houses and hideaways triggers an ever-present wanderlust, escapist desire. A portfolio bookmarked. Until the next time.

“Unusual and cool”

Courtney Love

Whenever I need to find a bolthole to write or a place to really relax, I always go to Avenue, they always give me something unusual and cool, that I wouldn’t find anywhere else.

“Heavenly portfolio”

Sophie Dahl

Avenue is one of our first ports of call if we are planning a family adventure. Warm and charming with a heavenly portfolio of houses.

“The world’s most spectacular homes”

Alex James

Avenue’s portfolio is unparalleled. These are simply the world’s most spectacular homes.


Vanessa Branson

All Avenue properties have natural stylish interiors, comfort, friendly efficient staff, security and discretion.
The intuitive team at Avenue understand that Eilean Shona offers the privacy, seclusion and the utter freedom that so many of us crave. Thank you Team!


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